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Hey peeps!

I have decided to change my blog. yes once again cuz I am sick of the current page and i think it’s messy. I have been considering whether to stay here so both updates on this and the new blog.

Yup! NO MORE UPDATES ON THIS PAGE FROM NOW ON. Click here if you like me. OK not funny.

Hope to see u guys there !!!! x


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Went to play golf with Maro and her bro yesterday. It was HOT and my skill sucks. Brrr..

May be I should take a golf course LOL.

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Cheki White

Finally I bought my own Cheki White. I am supposed to buy the pink one but I realised I dont really like it after comparing with the white color.

It’s not small and it’s not tiny ! 🙂 but it’s still cute and fun to play around. It’s selling like  hot cakes.

Domokun likes it too. Oh this is another new domokun and it’s my christmas pressie from the collegues 🙂

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2010 Resolutions

So it’s time to make new resolutions again..

To be honest I feel very contented at the moment like I am the happiest girl in the world.

To cut everything short my new year resolutions are:

1. PASS my ACCA papers. Yes God I know you can hear me! I just want a pass! 😀 I will be a guai lui and I will feed the street dogs everyday if I pass all the papers at first attempt. PLWEASE. I promised!

2. Work really hard and smart of course. I know you guys must be thinking I am studying full time now but NO! I am not so fortunate I work and study at the same time 🙂 I am earning pennies to support my own living nowadays. It’s all good at the moment 😀

3. To b e rich. I am not rich as you can see. I would like to have my Chanel Shopping Bag & also Chanel Classic flap lol but it will take forever to buy myself one.

4. Show my appreciation more towards people. Damn it I am trying real hard you know I dont know how to show my aprreciation towards people but deep down in my heart I appreciate it . I dont know how to say it in words. Gah.

5. Study hard + play hard. I will only have a day off every week cuz I have to study long hour on Saturday so yea MUST FULFILL THIS!

6. Do more charity such as help pitiful dogs to get a good owner. I hope I can fulfill this. Really.

7. ♥ my family, BF, Bf’s family more and continue to be kind to people.

thats it for now.

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I am supposed to write a post about my convocation but I am way too lazy. I don’t have time to think of other things at the moment cause I am confused. I am glad that I found a job but I do not know whether it’s suitable for me. Audit is defintely a better foundation for me but I wonder whether I am willing to sacrifice my time for it. Alot of people have been telling me audit is lifeless, audit is tiring but then it seems like all of them are in this field.

Talked to the parents and I can see they don’t really agree that I have to work until midnight during the peak time. I don’t know what lies ahead seriously and I am really confused over all these things. Am I making the right decision? Am I going to love this job?  Oh well.. I somehow think I have the answer on my mind. Whether I like it or not I will accept it if  they offer me. cause I know this is good for my future! 🙂

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Oh no.

I am going to work  next Thursday. Oh noOooo… I am scared!! :s

By the way I cooked dinner for my family today but I dont think it’s nice LOL

I went to the supermarket to get all the ingredients just now and it reminded me of  UK. Andrew and I used to go Sainsbury very often to get some chicken and groceries and then both of us will cook together or sometime we take turn to cook.

I miss those time when we cook together. Andrew cooked and I explained what he was doing in Cantonese in a very funny way. He always tried to hold his laughter but normally we ended up laughing like mad 🙂

By the way, Andrew is still travelling in the states and by the time he is back I am working already. Sigh. I dont even know whether I have time to see him cause he will be working once he gets back and his line is as crazy as mine (If I choose Audit, Account executive should’nt be that bad I guess)  so both of us are busy fellas. Great!

Can’t wait for him to come back thou :p


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Animal Farm

Currently reading this book.

This is from a new friend/passerby I met in the plane to London  two weeks ago. Oh my god time flies. It was funny though. I met one of my coursemates, Ivan at the boarding hall. Yes. We were on the same plane and both of us didn’t sleep much cause we were trying to follow UK time.

Ivan is funny, he kept coming to my seat and we chatted for a really long time. on and off cause he has to go back to eat his meal and hmm sleep for awhile. While the one who gave  this book to me is an ang mo who sat right next to me. We chatted for hours as well cause he was trying to get use to US time LOL.

Then he offered me a book to read when he was writing his diary about his trip to Asia. He was in Asia for 4 months.  When we reached uk I return the book to him and

he asked me: Have you finished reading it?

Me: Nope.

Phillip( his name): Just keep it. An american I met in the plane gave me the book and I have already finished reading it. Now I am passing it to you.

Me: Really? Thank you. ( Great.cause I dont know how to ignore, damn stupid one and since he has already finished it)

Then we bidded goodbye to each other and end the story LOL.

What I want to say is .. He is a friendly angmoh! Really some angmohs are very arrogant one!  This ang moh told me he doesnt like some of the ang mohs because they are arrogant. He, himself said it.

* I have to sign off already. Coughing like a mad lady now.

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Job interview week

I went  for 3 job interviews so far and 2 confirmed they want me. I am choosing the 1st one at the moment which is the  one I thought I did badly as the pay is super decent as compared to another two. I still have 2 interviews this week. Yea, I know I have got a job I can stop job interviewing but I dont wanna limit myself so I will go for the last 2 interviews and see how they go 🙂 I especially want the last interview. Have to do 100% preparation in order to get my dream job. Dont be sad cause I dont think I will have a life once I start working. I will be having alota O.T. Every interviewer which is my potential-future-boss told me so. I MEAN ALL OF THEM TOLD ME.

audit or account executive. totally different thing and I will find out soon.

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New blog

I accidentally click into typepad and give it a go since I am abit bored of my current blog.

Tried 2 posts and still considering whether I should move again..

check it out 🙂

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Good day.

So I went for my very 1st interview yesterday and I thought I did awfully because the interviewer did not ask me anything but saying I am just a fresh graduate without experiece. I was sad for not being able to show my ability.

Just as I thought I have screwed it up since they did not call me yesterday ( the account manager which is my interviewer told me that I will receive their HR’s call in the evening itself I get choosen) they called me just now. Yes I am chosen but I am still considering.

Account executive. I just tried for fun as I am having another two different interviews tomorrow. Cousin asks me to work in audit firm 1st. By the way I have another two interviews tomorrow. Both companies I am going tomorrow are accounting firms which is better than the 1st co. I went yesterday.

To be honest, the confirmation gives me alot of courages. I am going to prepare kao kao now.

So wish me luck again 🙂 🙂

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